Developments in ambulance care

Developments in ambulance care

The context of ambulance sector is facing various developments:

Acute care

The ambulance sector is part of acute care, which is in a state of flux. The care landscape is changing:

  • concentration and specialisation of hospital care
  • distribution of chronic, acute and elective care
  • extramuralisation of care

Changing patients and changing demand for care

The demand for care is rising and becoming increasingly complex. Patients are also becoming increasingly self-reliant and expecting customised solutions.


It is expected that the population will grow by 1.3 million by 2040. In addition, the population is ageing and the number of elderly people will double by 2040. At the same time, the number of people of working age is falling.

Labour market

Demographic trends are leading to an ever tighter labour market.

Regional differences

Changes in the care landscape vary from region to region, as do demographic trends. This also leads to different challenges in each region.

There is more information about these trends and the way in which the ambulance sector wants to respond to them in the vision 2025.