Mission statement

Mission statement

The core values of Ambulancezorg Nederland (AZN) are to connect, to lead and to be effective.

AZN is a leader in providing patients with high-quality and efficient ambulance care, because it connects the 25 Regional ambulance services (RAVs) with each other, represents the interests of the sector, and makes carefully considered and binding agreements with stakeholders. AZN plays a leading and effective role in developing ambulance care into excellent, safe and mobile care for the patient.


Society is constantly changing and Ambulancezorg Nederland (AZN) is preparing for the future and the role played by ambulance care within acute care. In summer 2017, AZN published its vision document ‘Ambulance care in 2025: care coordination and mobile care’. In this long-term view, the ambulance sector is working towards a situation in which the care partners jointly organise acute care, coherently and in a regional context. The focus here is on acute chain care for the patient.

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